Growing An Orchid Plant

An orchid plant provides attractive foliage and impressive flowers. Most people can grow an orchid. The Orchid comes from the family of plants, Orchidaceae. One of the attractions of the orchids is that they are unique monocots. There are native orchids on every continent of the world except for Antarctica. Orchids species are protected by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

There are orchid plants for every plant grower skill level. They are easy to grow in the home to enjoy the beauty of the bloom indoors. They can also be added to outdoor gardens to bring uniqueness to the garden. The orchid can be low maintenance or high maintenance depending on the variety you choose. At any skill level the orchid represents sophisticated luxury.

Different environments will affect how well an orchid plant will grow and if it will bloom. You can find information about growing orchid plants in your area by contacting local orchid plant societies, gardens, and nurseries. For example, if you live in Arizona, you will want to contact local Arizona orchid plant growers in or near the city that you live in.

Planting Orchids After Blooming

Mostly when people are growing orchids, they just grow them in the pot that they came in. Often the plantís roots will grow out of the container and it will need repotting. If an orchid is blooming, leave it in the container it is in. You can always set the container in a decorative pot or basket, stuff the sides with newspaper, and cover with a thick layer of moss. When the blooms die you can plant the orchid in another container. The new container can allow the roots to expand. Information for repotting an orchid can be found in this article about Planting Orchids After Blooming.

Orchid Plants

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