Orchid Plant Blooms

An orchid bloom is recognized by most people. Since there are so many species of orchids you will find the delicate and beautiful orchid flowers in a wide range of colors and sizes. The orchid bloom can have a strong fragrance or none at all. Youíll find orchid flowers that will last from weeks to months. If itís the orchidís blooms that attract you to this unique plant, you can find ones that bloom continuously or if youíre not the flowery type, you can find one of the orchid plants that bloom only once a year. For every unique orchid lover, there is a unique orchid bloom.

The orchid flower comes in a variety of colors and sizes. You can find tiny delicate blooms that are inch in size or the larger blooms seen in corsages. The orchid bloom is associated with colors in the purple family. There is a wide range of colors from a soft pale lilac to deep rich reddish purple. Orchid blooms can be found in other colors as well, there are yellow, white, red, and even green flowers. The blooms that have a combination of two or more colors are among the more spectacular orchid blooms.

Unlike a rose, jasmine, or a lilac bloom that has a distinguishable fragrance, an orchidĎs fragrance is not always recognizable. An orchidís bloom may even have no fragrance at all. Some orchidsí fragrances resemble other more recognizable scents. You can find orchid flowers that smell like fruit (oranges, lemons, or raspberries), other flowers (lilacs), and even your favorite tanning lotion (coconut). Though some plants depend on their fragrance to attract pollinators, for the orchids that have no scent, pollination occurs because the plant relies on the bloomís color and shape to attract pollinators. An orchids blooms are varied an unique.

Orchids can bloom often or infrequently and the bloom can last briefly or for months. The orchid species that bloom often are Bulbos, and Psychopsis papillo. Some orchid lovers are attracted to the uniqueness of the orchid plant itself and arenít as much into the flowering. If you are satisfied with an occasional bloom, this orchid has attractive foliage Phaius tankervillea and this one blooms once per year vandaceous genera. The orchid blooms that are short lived are Cattleyas (can have extended life with extra attention. If you re the type that after you spend time cultivating your orchid plant and are rewarded with the unique bloom, you want time to enjoy the blooms and linger over them, choose these orchid plants that have long lasting blooms like Amaglade and Oncidiums.

Some orchids bloom infrequently and an orchid lover may choose add a few high quality silk orchid plants with blooms mixed in with an orchid plant that is between blooms. The real foliage with the silk foliage and blooms ads a decorative touch to any room. Another option would be to add stalks of silk orchid blooms to the pot with the orchid plant when it is not blooming.

How to Make Orchids Bloom

Learn How to Make Orchids Bloom.