Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

Even if you have never shopped for a Phalaenopsis orchid, you have seen this type of orchid. It is usually the orchid you will see when you see photos of orchids used for home decorating. The decorative Phalaenopsis orchid plants are the reason it is seen on so many home decorating magazine pages. This is the reason the Phalaenopsis is one of the first orchid types that most people are introduced.

The Phalaenopsis orchid has a beautifully arched spray of blooms. You can buy orchids and they can be used for the following:

There are many species of orchids and Phalaenopsis alone has about 60 true species. The Phalaenopsis orchid species all have equally beautiful and impressive orchid blooms. This type of orchid plant is native to tropical environments. Some of the places you will find orchids growing are the Philippines, Borneo, Java, and similar tropical locations. The various species of Phalaenopsis orchid plants have been extensively hybridized. Providing even more of a variety to the beautiful Phalaenopsis orchids that are available.

The Phalaenopsis orchid blooms varieties include:

Orchid plants have some special care needs. To care for the Phalaenopsis orchid plant, because it scorches easily in direct sun, you will want to start by putting the orchid plant in an east window area. The Phalaenopsis orchid can be in a window with a southern or western exposure if it is shaded. If you use a grow light, the plant can be grown anywhere in the house. When using a grow light, position the light approximately twelve inches or slightly higher, above the Phalaenopsis orchid. If your orchid is blooming or growing keep an eye on the light because the plant can end up growing closer to the light and becoming scorched.

The Phalaenopsis orchid grows from a single stem and doesnít have a large pseudobulb to store water like some orchids have. The leaves do store some water but not enough to be a drought tolerant orchid type. During the orchid plant growth season, the plant will need to be watered regularly. To determine when a Phalaenopsis orchid plant needs water, examine the exposed roots. If the roots look silvery white, water the orchid plant about once a week. Keep the growing medium slightly damp.

The goal of every orchid owner is to see those beautiful and unique blooms. Boosting fertilizer before the orchid is ready bloom helps. The Phalaenopsis orchid usually blooms in late winter or early spring and as long lasting blooms on a single multi-branching flower spike. During blooming the orchidís water schedule can be reduced to every other week.

When considering the type of orchid plant you want, the Phalaenopsis is a good option to consider.