Arizona Orchid Plants

Orchids can be grown in any part of the United States as long as they are brought indoors when the weather is too cold or too hot for orchid plants to grow and to bloom. Even Arizona orchid plants need to be protected from the cold. In northern Arizona and higher elevations in Arizona the temperatures drop below freezing and there can be snow throughout the winter. In some regions in Arizona, the temperatures are too high and it is too dry in the summer months for the orchids to be left outside. There are a few areas that are ideal in Arizona for growing orchids and in those locations, orchids may even grow wild.

Ideal Temperatures For Arizona Orchids

For blooms that are long lasting, the orchids must produce and store carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are produced during warm temperatures during the day and stored during the cooler temperatures at night. For beautiful blooming orchids in AZ or anywhere else in the United States, the temperatures should fluctuate between 10 degrees and 15 degrees. Temperatures at night are ideal at 60-62 degrees. Ideal daytime temperatures are between 70-80 degrees. In many parts of Arizona it is easy to stay within those temperature ranges. Orchids can tolerate temperatures outside of the above parameters and will produce beautiful foliage, but the orchid may not bloom.

Arizona Orchid Gardens

Arizona has several orchid gardens in various parts of the state. There is the small orchid garden at the Botanical Gardens in Tucson, Arizona and the large garden in Phoenix, AZ where you can see row upon row of orchids. Some gardens sell orchid bulbs and plants from the garden location. They may also have an online store that you buy orchids from or an orchid plant catalog to buy from. The gardens often have a website that has instructions and help for growing orchids in Arizona and getting them to bloom.

Orchid Societies In Arizona

Finding a local orchid society for more information will be helpful when you want to learn more about growing orchids in Arizona. The orchid societies in Arizona will be able to tell you how to grow orchids in AZ and get them to bloom. You will find lots of reference material including the differences among the various varieties and types of orchid plants that grow well in Arizona cities like Tucson and Phoenix. There are often lots of images of orchid blooms so you can choose the orchid plant that you want to buy and to grow. In addition, you can find out about local orchid growing classes, orchid plant sales, orchid plant shows, and more.

Wild And Native Orchids In Arizona

Arizona and New Mexico have orchids that grow wild or are known to originate in the southwestern part of both Arizona and New Mexico. There have been some rare orchids found and have caused development to be halted while it was determined how to best protect them. There are 35 orchids that are native to the region. It includes rare orchid varieties and 29 orchids that are at the limits of their range. The monsoon rains in some of the areas create an ideal environment for a spectacular blooming season.

Contacting local growers in Arizona or any other state that you reside in is the best way to find out how to grow orchids locally in your region.